Private-1CSD Engineering has served residential, commercial and industrial clients in the private sector since we opened the doors. Whether designing roadways for a new subdivision, managing stormwater runoff in a commercial parking lot or mixed-use development, or consulting on a site design that can handle the rigors of heavy industry, CSD Engineering has the knowledge, skill and relationships to get the job done right.

Along Coastal North Carolina, protecting our wetlands and controlling and treating stormwater is of the highest priority. The CSD Engineering team is made up of professionals who work in the communities where they live; professionals who know the environment and have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and regulations established by local, state and federal agencies necessary for effective site design. Principal members of CSD Engineering’s team specialize in designing stormwater drainage and stormwater management measures. This stormwater management knowledge applies across the state and nation, and our local partners lend their specialized expertise to CSD Engineering’s projects.