CSD Engineering provides civil engineering services to clients throughout North Carolina and across the United States. Since 2004, we’ve guided projects from planning through to completion with efficiency and an attentive eye on budget and schedule.

From our offices in Wilmington and Raleigh, North Carolina, CSD Engineering’s team of engineers, planners and technicians manage projects across private, industrial, military and municipal sectors. Our team is small and focused on delivering high-quality jobs completed on time and on budget. We offer a dedicated team with significant experience and we can cost-effectively address the needs of clients working in residential, commercial and energy sectors as well as municipalities, state Departments of Transportation, military, and other government agencies. CSD Engineering utilizes local, state and national knowledge gained through our contracts with private and public sector clients.

Whether you need a project feasibility study, an assessment of land development potential, consultation on preliminary or final-design plans, permitting, project certifications, or LEED® or LID design, CSD Engineering will deliver. We have a track record of being responsive in a fast-paced team environment. CSD Engineering regularly works with other consultants and has developed key partnerships with experienced industry professionals, which allows us to bring a full-service team to our clients.

CSD Engineering’s technical qualifications are important; however, it is the leadership, organization, and overall dynamic of the firm that enables a superior level of service and quality of work. CSD Engineering is a small firm growing into other regions and offering a fresh perspective. From being permit-savvy to thinking out of the box, CSD Engineering provides people-focused solutions.